What is the process for registering the trailers?

Our trailers are Transport Canada certified so registration is completely straightforward.  Just take all the supplied documentation and Bill of Sale that is provided with your trailer to your local registration office.  There may be a small fee if  you are purchasing a new license plate for the trailer.

Where are the trailers manufactured?

The trailers are manufactured overseas in China and imported directly into Canada.  As we continue to expand, we hope to begin manufacturing our own designs right here in Ontario.

I saw a similar trailer for sale in the USA, and I think they have a better price, why I don't I just go buy one and bring it over to Canada?

Although these look similar in design, they are not the exact same trailers that we sell.  Also, the trailers for sale in the USA ARE NOT LEGAL FOR REGISTRATION IN CANADA without going through the importation process (just like importing a car).  We have had many customers tell us that they have tried to buy one of these trailers and simply bring them across the border, only to be turned away at the Customs booth (we have now heard this countless times). In order to bring one of those trailers into Canada, they must be imported just like any other vehicle.  This requires contacting US customs, paying the appropriate fees, completing the registration paperwork, having the appropriate inspections completed, paying the required duty, etc.  Once this is complete you will quickly see that the price is no longer a bargain at all.  Everyone in Canada (including our business) has to play by our government's rules (and fees) to ensure only safe and legal vehicles are sold and registered in Canada, 

Can I come by and see the trailers in person before buying?  Can I pay for and pickup my trailer in person?

Absolutely!  If your are local to the Windsor, Ontario are we are glad to have you come buy and check out the trailer.  We still sell locally so just feel free to contact us.



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