How to load a motorcycle onto a trailer EASILY and SAFELY + Top 10 bike loading fails January 25 2014

One of the most common questions we receive from our customers is "what is the easiest/safest way to load a motorcycle onto one of our trailers?".    


We found this great video posted by Rubber Duc showing how to easily and safely load a bike with only one person.  In this video he is using the 2 ramps (one for the bike, one to walk alongside the bike) but the same technique would work by just using the tilting mechanism of the trailer with no ramps.


This is the first of many "Trailer Tips" blog entries to come and we look forward to posting our own version of this video once the weather warms up but in the mean time, enjoy!


As you can see, the low height of the folding utility trailer makes this much easier than loading onto a pickup bed or traditional trailer.  We have also linked another funny video below showing typical "Motorcycle loading fails" (How not to do it)